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  • Image viewer improvements (swipe to dismiss, image transitions, and zoom gestures).
  • Move app data management settings to a new Backup and Restore page.
  • Allow exporting entry images separately for more efficient backup, to enable this, see the Backup and Restore page.
  • Show entry images with notes on the home page.
  • Improve font spacing on the home page.
  • Bug fixes and minor UI improvements.


  • Entries are no longer grouped by default. You can choose your preferred grouping in the entry settings page.
  • Image viewer enhancements.
  • Improve year selection.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Add entry grouping options (Day, Month, Year, or None).
  • Allow reordering event variables. Your preferred order will be used in the entries list, new entry, and dashboard pages.
  • Quickly scroll to the top of your entries list by tapping the page title.
  • Fixed a bug in date/time behavior.


  • Add timer option for widgets.
  • Improved image viewer.
  • Use the compact timer by default on the home page, you can revert this in the settings page.


  • Add photos to entries. Tip: use the compress tool in the image viewer to reduce image sizes.
  • Add timer mode on the home page to show live updates (count down or count up) of entry dates (Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds), this can be enabled in the settings page.
  • Add compare feature in the entry list page, select two or more entries to get started.
  • Add date highlight, click on “time since” or “time between” entries in the entry list page or long-click on an entry date on the home page to see the full date information with live updates where necessary.
  • Use colors to differentiate future and past dates on the home page.
  • Add “None” max date resolution option to always show the full date.
  • Separate widget max date resolution setting from the home page max date resolution setting so they can be configured independently.
  • Merge variable value and unit columns in the entry list.
  • Merge entry settings to show or hide notes, variables, and images.
  • Data export will be a zip file containing your photos as well as the database file if you have entries with photos, otherwise, you’ll get the database file as usual.
  • Home page swipe opens entry page by default, you can revert to the automatic entry behavior in the settings page.
  • Add Italian translations.
  • Lots of internal fixes and improvements.


  • Add CSV data export.
  • Fix: Notification is delayed on some devices.


  • Fix: Entry note input field content is not scrollable.
  • Fix: Popup menu titles are truncated in some languages.
  • Show the system file manager on the data export share sheet.
  • Add option to show the day of week on the entries list.
  • Add German translation.


  • Add event archive.
  • Add month unit for adaptive notifications.
  • Allow zero (0) input for variable value.
  • Preserve insertion order of event variables wherever they are used.
  • Fix home toolbar behavior on orientation change.
  • Notification delivery optimizations.
  • Add Ukrainian translation.


  • Add daily data export.
  • Fix: Notifications are not scheduled for imported events.
  • Add menu option to open help webpage:
  • Add Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil) translations.


  • Fix: Dropdown goes under the navigation bar on some devices.
  • Fix: Duration less than 24 hours rounds up to 1 day immediately after midnight in the entry list.
  • Fix: Comma decimal separator does not work for variable value input.
  • Increase max variables to 8 for each event.
  • Increase max unit characters to 3 for each variable.
  • Home page now scrolls to the new event after it is created.
  • Add “Year Month Day” date formats.
  • Add Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified), and Telugu translations.


  • Last Time app is now TimeJot. The beautiful UI that you know and love is still the same!
  • Shiny new dashboard page where you can visualize your entries on a chart.
  • Numeric properties, known as variables can now be created for events and updated with each entry. Graphical representations of event variables are also available in the dashboard page.
  • Add option to choose specific days when setting up daily notifications.
  • Add option to include entry notes when searching for events on the home page.
  • Highlight search results on the home page.
  • It’s now easier to add events, you no longer have to add an initial entry.
  • Highlight the submenu for the currently selected sort group on the home page so you no longer have to guess which one is selected.
  • Improve date filter logic in the entry list page.
  • Fix: Input fields on dialogs sometimes remain highlighted when they should not be.
  • Fix: Swipe action on the home page is available during selection.
  • Add Russian translation.
  • Add Croatian translation.
  • Lots of other internal improvements.


  • Swipe events on the home page to update them instantly.
  • Add option to change swipe behavior.
  • Add Spanish (Spain) translation.


  • Add options to keep selected category and sort on app exit.
  • Allow configuration of how dates are shown on widgets.
  • Brand new date picker to ease date selection.
  • Improve entry list date handling to show more relevant information.
  • Improve date and time format preferences to respect device configurations.
  • Remove time picker setting, the picker now follows your time format preference.
  • Some performance optimizations and UI adjustments.


  • Add data export and import feature.
  • Add setting for preferred date and time formats.
  • Add setting to use 24-hour time picker.
  • Add option to sort events by name.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Initial release.