• Fix: Entry note input field content is not scrollable.
  • Fix: Popup menu titles are truncated in some languages.
  • Show the system file manager on the data export share sheet.
  • Add option to show the day of week on the entries list.
  • Add German translation.


  • Add event archive.
  • Add month unit for adaptive notifications.
  • Allow zero (0) input for variable value.
  • Preserve insertion order of event variables wherever they are used.
  • Fix home toolbar behavior on orientation change.
  • Notification delivery optimizations.
  • Add Ukrainian translation.


  • Add daily data export.
  • Fix: Notifications are not scheduled for imported events.
  • Add menu option to open help webpage:
  • Add Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil) translations.


  • Fix: Dropdown goes under the navigation bar on some devices.
  • Fix: Duration less than 24 hours rounds up to 1 day immediately after midnight in the entry list.
  • Fix: Comma decimal separator does not work for variable value input.
  • Increase max variables to 8 for each event.
  • Increase max unit characters to 3 for each variable.
  • Home page now scrolls to the new event after it is created.
  • Add “Year Month Day” date formats.
  • Add Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified), and Telugu translations.


  • Last Time app is now TimeJot. The beautiful UI that you know and love is still the same!
  • Shiny new dashboard page where you can visualize your entries on a chart.
  • Numeric properties, known as variables can now be created for events and updated with each entry. Graphical representations of event variables are also available in the dashboard page.
  • Add option to choose specific days when setting up daily notifications.
  • Add option to include entry notes when searching for events on the home page.
  • Highlight search results on the home page.
  • It’s now easier to add events, you no longer have to add an initial entry.
  • Highlight the submenu for the currently selected sort group on the home page so you no longer have to guess which one is selected.
  • Improve date filter logic in the entry list page.
  • Fix: Input fields on dialogs sometimes remain highlighted when they should not be.
  • Fix: Swipe action on the home page is available during selection.
  • Add Russian translation.
  • Add Croatian translation.
  • Lots of other internal improvements.


  • Swipe events on the home page to update them instantly.
  • Add option to change swipe behavior.
  • Add Spanish (Spain) translation.


  • Add options to keep selected category and sort on app exit.
  • Allow configuration of how dates are shown on widgets.
  • Brand new date picker to ease date selection.
  • Improve entry list date handling to show more relevant information.
  • Improve date and time format preferences to respect device configurations.
  • Remove time picker setting, the picker now follows your time format preference.
  • Some performance optimizations and UI adjustments.


  • Add data export and import feature.
  • Add setting for preferred date and time formats.
  • Add setting to use 24-hour time picker.
  • Add option to sort events by name.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Initial release.

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